Saturday, May 26, 2012

What Happens in Kingston Stays in Kingston (Part One)

The flight from Charlotte was smooth and quite pleasant, and the short layover they had in Atlanta didn't faze them one bit. Of course, having first class seats and sipping champagne all the way was an added comfort bonus. Nothing but top shelf for these ladies! When they landed at Norman Manley Airport, there was a luxury town car waiting for them, complete with a liveried driver holding up a sign that read "The Diva Ladies from America". Now who else could that be but them?

Clearing customs had been a breeze , and they proceeded to baggage claim to get hold of the mountain of luggage that belonged to them. As they stood waiting at the carousel for their stuff to come around, they chatted about what they would do first with the remainder of the evening. They kept time to the rhythm of the island music as they patiently waited. The music was lively and the mix of the other instruments coming together in perfect harmony just increased their sense of well-being and excitement.

Finally they began to see some pieces that belonged to them appear on the carousel. Alexis reached for her two pieces of matching Ralph Lauren, while Claudette could see hers and Helena's coming up next. Bonnie helped Claudette and Helena pull their five pieces of Channel off the belt, a porter approached them and asked if they required assistance in loading their bags. Since he was standing there with a huge luggage rack, there was no point in turning down his help. He went ahead and started to pile on the stuff handling the designer luggage with care.  And just as they were starting to get a little concerned about Bonnie's bags, they rolled out of the opening on the belt.

The porter reached for them as Bonnie began to, thus softly colliding with her and touching her hand. Bonnie was a little startled as she looked up at him. She was momentarily nonplussed and she could have sworn that she felt a spark when their hands touched. The look he gave her lasted only a second, but that second in time spoke volumes. She did not mistake the smolder she saw there or the barest of smiles he gave her as he straightened from picking up the luggage. Hmm, she just might have the beginnings of an island romance going on here! She had to admit that it was a thrilling thought to consider; getting close to an ebony eyed brown skinned brother and being carefree for a little while.

The ladies had discussed this very possibility days ago. They knew it was a possibility that they might meet someone. Being women of a certain age did not stop them from having normal desires and romantic thoughts. But they were smart and sophisticated enough to establish boundaries and keep themselves safe and protected at all times.

They climbed inside of the town car, luxuriating in the dim coolness of the interior where once again they were listening to island music. The driver introduced himself to them as Delray Major, and that he would be at their complete disposal the entire time they were here. He was absolutely adorable in his uniform and with his smooth old world charm. His accent was beautiful, and the ladies all agreed that he was such a lovely man...probably in his early to mid sixties  and well-groomed. In unison, they thanked him and confirmed the address of their house and then they were on their way!

In between shared laughter, some pretty raunchy jokes, and dancing in their seats, the ladies took in the passing scenery. Helena made a special toast to Claudette for planning the perfect vacation, and for the attention to detail she had given to everything. It had been agreed that they would unpack, have a refreshing shower and then dine at a nearby native restaurant that provided their guests with a late seating dinner. Bonnie had said she'd want to take a brief nap, so it was decided that naps would indeed be welcomed by everyone. No use trying to enjoy the evening with tired eyes and stiff joints, so the order of the evening had been established; unpacking, naps, showers and then...let the good times roll!

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