Saturday, March 3, 2012

Absolutely Fabulous!

We are very blessed to wake up each new day with brand new opportunities and chances to live our lives. With the dawn of each morning, we are presented with a blank canvas and choices to make on how we want to paint that canvas and present it to the world. Some days are more special than others. Some days are absolutely fabulous.
Have you ever awakened from a most restful night’s sleep, one where you entered and stayed a while in the land of REM sleep; a lovely and magical place where we dream and sleep soundly? The most languorous feeling of well being greets us when we open our eyes to the morning after a night of peaceful rest and deep sleep. On mornings like these we can’t help but smile to ourselves and wish we could just throw open our arms and embrace the universe! We just know that this day will be something where anything is possible. This day will be absolutely fabulous!
These days are a rarity and should be bookmarked in our memories favorite folder. There will be days when the clouds are heavy on the horizon, and the winds will blow and bring a chill to our souls. It will rain and leave muddy puddles on the landscape of our spirit, so it will be great to have these warm and fuzzy memories to cheer us.
So after we open our eyes to a new day, and we stretch and smile ourselves awake, we pause for a moment to consider what lies ahead for us today. Maybe its the prospect of an exciting shopping trip, a long awaited luncheon at a favorite place with our best friend, or the anticipation of a date later that evening with the man in our life. 
It doesn’t matter which main event it is that beckons us, its the expectation of the event that gives us that natural high on life. We may feel as if we have a herculean strength about us or that we are invincible at work or up to the challenge of running the next 10k in our city. The endorphins are loose and getting the job done big time!
Everyone gets a smile and a cheery hello from us today. We may leave a bigger tip for our hair stylist, or for the always courteous and efficient waitress at our favorite diner or even more fabulous...have a sing-a-long with a song on the radio while sitting in traffic, and not bat an eyelash when someone (who obviously is not having a fabulous day) rudely pulls out in front of us and slows almost to a crawl, causing us to have to stop short. Never mind! It’s a fabulous day!
Life is unpredictably unpredictable, but that is also a vital part of its charm. By never knowing how it will play out, we are more aware of ourselves and the part we play in our own lives. The whole world is a stage and everybody plays a part. Live your life in a way that reflects your choices and your individuality. Be yourself because you are absolutely fabulous!

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