Friday, August 3, 2012

New Book Promotion

Introducing “VIVID”

A story about just how we can have thoughts and dreams so powerful and real, they become three dimensional.

Maybe it will forever be a mystery about what lies within the unlimited imagination and the untold powers it has to manifest itself as real. Surely it’s something all of us have thought about at one time or another in our lives; albeit fleetingly. Such was the case with Marianne Starr had often caught a “falling star” and put it in her pocket, believing in the lyrics of the song.

Even as an adult she had sat at her window at night looking up at the heavens when she would recall the nursery rhyme 'Twinkle, twinkle little star...'and faithfully made her wishes never doubting the validity of her actions. A part of her adulthood seemed forever associated with her childhood, and often the two overlapped.

Sometimes she was positive that she lived in another world and was only here in this one because of some cruel joke that had played on her, and if she wished long and hard enough to be with her one truelove, she would be taken to him in that faraway place she could only dream of. Had she wished upon and blew kisses at one too many magic moonbeams? Were her innocent imaginings the very catalyst that had propelled her into an alter world?

Maybe there is another more believable explanation for the series of very unusual and eerie events that take place in Marieann's life. While she is seemingly trapped there, she would think back on her vivid imagination and wish it hadn't been as active.

Travel along with Marianne and the interesting people she meets on her surreal journey, and decide for yourself if you want to continue your beliefs in the supernatural powers of the distant galaxies, or if you want to limit your imagination and childish wishes to what you can actually see and touch.

VIVID is a story about a lonely young woman named Marianne Starr, whose one persevering wish in life is to fall in love with her very own Prince and to have him love her back.

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