Friday, June 21, 2013

It's My Party and I'll Cry if I Want To

It was undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and lavish Christening parties ever given when the guest of honor is just shy of being six months old. Bonnie had spared no expense to create a memorable and enjoyable event that marked the very first milestone of her newest grand baby's life. Little Miss Sterling Mackenzie Devine had no clue about what was going on around her, but she was the center of attention. Dressed all in white from the frilly lace and satin bonnet she wore on her curly head, and the long white silk organza Christening gown to the tiny white satin ballet shoes on her feet, she was a chubby bundle of beauty and truly she was her Nana's Princess.

Alexis, Helena and Claudette were among the elite gathering of guests.  They mingled in with family members because Bonnie considered them as such.  And of course the invitations had been extended in a wide circle encompassing as many of the extended family members as was feasible. Intimately, the family members present were of course; the Devine parents (Kaycee and ) The Devine grandparents ( Bernadette and Alfred) and we can't leave out the Big Sister Jillian Marie Deacon (who was taking her new role as big sister quite seriously), the proud Pop-Pop Alexander Shipp (Kaycee's Dad and Bonnie's first ex-husband), Bennett Lowery, Jr. (Kaycee's half brother by Bonnie's second husband) along with his wife and kids...and of course the hostess with the mostest...Bonnie.

Her back yard had been decorated with two huge white tents, and the gardener had placed mammoth sized tubs filled to overflowing with assorted spring flowers with blooms as big as a woman's hand. There were tubs filled with petunias, bluebells, geraniums and hybrid impatiens. These provided the perfect touch to the gorgeous hibiscus and azaleas that already adorned the landscape. It was a veritable explosion of color!

One tent held two long serving tables covered in white linen cloths, laden with food on one and china and place settings on the other. The guests filed through the buffet line here and then took their filled plates to the second tent where there were about twenty round tables set up, each one covered in a while linen cloth with linen napkins in the alternating colors of the theme chosen by Bonnie. Several uniformed waiters cruised through with various cold beverages for the guests ranging from champagne to iced tea and lemonade.Soft jazz and easy listening music piped through the outdoor speakers connected to the house's surround sound. It had been a lovely service and it was now a perfect afternoon. Until.

An uninvited and unexpected group of four loud-talking women made an appearance. They rounded the corner of the immaculately groomed yard from the driveway side, and from the entrance they made, it was obvious they'd already been dipping in the sauce quite a bit.  They were talking and laughing so loud it was attracting the attention of the guests. Suddenly there was a crash followed by several voices raised in anger. Bonnie paused in her circulation among her guests, and went to investigate to see what the commotion was all about.

She followed the raised voices into the first tent, and when she entered she immediately came up short at what she saw. She recognized two of the women. One of them was Honor McCoy (and if ever there was a misnomer it was in her name), and the other was Goddess Blessing. Bonnie assumed that the women standing close to Goddess were part of the entourage she seemed to constantly have with her.

Goddess Blessing was standing there in front of the portable bubbling fountain and her thin white gauzy dress was soaked through. What was more shocking to see was that it clung to her body, outlining it to clearly show she wore no bra and no panties. Her breasts were showing through the bodice of her wet dress, and the shadow of her vagina could easily be seen as the wet material stuck to her lower body.  The scarf she wore was wrapped around her waist like a sash. Bonnie gasped and walked over to where the troublesome intruders stood. Honor made to apologize for her friend, but it was all too clear that she was merely being facetious, and totally insincere. Goddess said nothing but continued to stand there in a provocative pose while the other two women giggled like silly schoolgirls. Bonnie's first thought was that they were all high on something; including Honor.

Then, Bonnie asked them what happened in a voice so tight, she thought her jaw would break. Goddess laughingly gave the account that she had leaned over the fountain to dip her scarf in the water in hopes of removing a tiny wine spot when she lost her balance and tumbled in. Her untimely dip into the fountain had surprised one of the waiters as he was passing by, and he dropped his tray of drinks. This had a domino effect on the waitress who was coming up behind him with her own tray of drinks and subsequently dropped hers. That caused the loud crash.

Bonnie's ex-husband Bennett Lowery Sr., walked in at that moment along with Alexis, Helena and Claudette. They were followed by a small group of onlookers. Bennett proceeded to remind them that none of them were on the guest list and that this was a private party. He asked them politely to leave the premises immediately so he did not have to call the police and have them force-ably removed. Honor sauntered up to Bennett, pretended to adjust his tie and said in a slow and sultry voice that they had a special package for a special friend and they would leave when they had delivered the special package to the special friend. Each time she said the word special, she leaned in closer to Bennett, and flicked imaginary pieces of lint from his shoulders and his sleeves. Bonnie stood by looking as if she'd burst into tears at any moment.

Bennett grabbed her by her arms and shoved her away from him, warning her to take her friends and go...right now. Honor stood back and drew herself up to her full height, assuming an air of superiority and pointedly looked at Helena saying that they'd come to see her and would be happy to leave as soon as their business was completed. No one noticed Claudette slipping away from the crowd. They were mesmerized by the goings on before them. Honor snapped her fingers without taking her eyes from Helena, and one of the women with them stepped forward with a small gift wrapped box.

She placed the box in Honor's outstretched hand.

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