Sunday, July 1, 2012

Cheating in the Next Room

It's an unfortunate woe that has been around since time began and it has been a dreaded and feared situation for every couple that has fallen in love. It can creep into a seemingly happy and committed relationship, and it can blindside one or the other of the couple who have pledged their troth to each other, and maybe have settled into a bit too much complacency. It has happened to my best friends, and for those of you who follow this blog, you probably have read about Helena's brush with the dark side of infidelity and about Claudette and her discovery of another woman in her intended's life. Yes, I am talking about cheating, and this time I want to tell you about one of the times it happened to me.

I have to admit albeit grudgingly that men can be quite innovative when it comes to two timing in a relationship. I still don't know if they have to plan and scheme for it to happen, or if they are just some Svengali with a penchant for being on the wrong side of right and they can just fall into it without thinking. Judging from the excuses I have heard from my real life experiences, I'd have to say "no" because the most popular excuse seemed to be " I don't know, I didn't plan for this! It just happened!". These guys do their dirt without fear of being outed and caught in the act. Have you ladies heard that sorry line before from a pathetic creature? Who hasn't?

Here's what happened to me a while back, but I still think about it from time to time. My steady beau and I had to cancel our plans for a Saturday night date because he had something wrong with his car, and needed to work on it right away, at his friends house because he had all the necessary tools and know-how to get the job done. So, without any suspicions I said fine, I'd talk to him later, and he said sure he'd call later. I made myself content to spend the evening watching television and just chilling out because I had no reason to doubt his word. About an hour later, my friend Raquel called and when I told her I was on my own, she suggested we go hang out at Abe's Place and have a few drinks and play some spades.

Abe's was located in a building on the property of a guy whose name was Abraham Flower and he had it all decked out to resemble a club. You could listen to some low-down blues music, buy alcoholic beverages and what not ( no defining the "what not"), play cards and order chicken wings and fish sandwiches. It was commonly known as a juke joint and they were quite popular back in the day. Okay, I agreed to let her pick me up and we'd go hang out at Abe's for a while, and I liked the idea of getting in a good card game. Within an hour I was ready and she was blowing her car horn for me to come out.

The joint was rocking and popping and I felt in a party mood as we took our seats at the bar and ordered our drinks. It was scotch rocks for both of us. Raquel asked Abe ( who happened to be tending bar at the time) if there was a card game open, and he said that both of his "card rooms" were occupied at the moment. A serious high stakes poker game was already in progress in one of them and the other was rented out to a female friend of his who wanted to make a few extra bucks with some "friends" of hers. Raquel and I exchanged a look that said "Yeah, right! We know what the deal is"And really; it didn't take a stretch of the imagination to understand what that meant!

So, we nursed our drinks, and just sat around enjoying the music and the upbeat rhythm of the night for awhile. Some people that Raquel knew stopped by and we shot the breeze together until Abe came over and told us a room was opening up and a new card game was ready to start. We told him we were in and got down from our bar seats and picked up our fresh drinks. As I turned to follow the group to the card room I glanced across the room and gasped. At the same moment I dropped my drink and this action caught the attention of everyone near me. Oh no; I can't believe what I'm seeing!
Rooted to the spot, all I could do was cry.

Stay tuned to find out what Alexis saw...

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