Friday, July 6, 2012


The fabulous foursome hadn't spent any quality time together since they had returned from their vacation in Jamaica. Personal agendas had been the order of the day, and kept them busy. As usual, the summer is a busy time for most folks; what with family reunions, family visits and all. Helena and her husband Stanford had spent nearly two weeks in Montana on a Dude Ranch with their daughters and sons, their spouses and all of the grandchildren. Then they had gone to Scottsdale, Arizona to recuperate at a luxury spa.

Bonnie had hosted her family reunion this year, and another one came and went without an appearance by her sister Yvette, but everyone else had come and according to Bonnie, a wonderful time was had by all. To her surprise and pleasure, her Mom decided to stay on a few more days to just relax and hang out with Bonnie. And Bonnie's brother had let his seven-year old daughter stay along with Grand-mama.

Claudette had taken a weeks' vacation in Myrtle Beach with some female co-workers from her job, and then she and her daughter had gone on a long weekend to Atlantic City for some serious gambling and a brief stop in New York on the way back for a little shopping.

And Alexis, had hosted an old friends get-together at her home for a few of her high school classmates who were in town visiting. She also had gone back to her college reunion with another college classmate that she had reconnected with a couple of years ago. They made a stop coming back from Virginia to spend a weekend in the mountains of Asheville, NC and toured the Biltmore House and grounds. The best part of her summer thus far was when her grand kids all got together and spent a week at her house, just hanging out.

So, the ladies were all in such a good place now. God was smiling on all of them and all of their families. Life was good, and when either of them thought back to what could have happened to them in Jamaica; well let's just say they could never be more grateful for life than they were at this present time. It was a subject that neither of them wanted to discuss any time soon for reasons that were obvious to them.

The lazy, hazy days of summer were rolling on by, the Fourth of July has been celebrated and each of the friends knew that they would be spending quite a bit of the season keeping in touch by text, or phone when they had the time to spare. This was family time, and nothing is more important than family.

There were as couple of projects on hold that they would be getting involved in come the fall season. One was helping Alexis to redecorate some of the rooms in her house, Bonnie was expecting her first grandchild in October, and the other was their annual shopping trip for fall wardrobes in Atlanta, GA. All of the ladies agreed that one must always have a little something to look forward to.

So, we'll just have to check in with these gals in a few weeks and get the low-down on who did what over the summer, who got drunk and showed off at the reunions, who hooked up with who again and all of the delicious gossip that makes for an interesting coffee klatch.

And let's not forget that we must discover “who” it was that Alexis saw at Abe's Place on her night out with Gloria. It makes you go"hmm...".

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