Thursday, December 8, 2011

Let's Hear It For the Boys!

This is a special tribute to the Mother & Son relationships in our lives. We hear and talk about the bond between us and our daughters, but I don't think that our sons get enough publicity in the story-telling. Remember those chubby little babies who ensconced themselves in our hearts the moment we held them in our arms and smelt the essence of their tiny selves? And those very same infants started growing and when they were old enough to play outside they would capture and present to us with so much love and pride shining in their faces various bugs and other creepy crawlies as they exclaimed "Look Mommy! Look!". As time went merrily along, the bugs would be replaced by wildflower blossoms that were frequently mashed but meant no less because of the condition we received them in. The excitement of the giving never paled no matter what the nature of the gift!

Little girls may be sugar and spice and all things nice, but little boys grow up loving their mommies with a pure and unselfish love that makes us benefactors of unbridled adoration no one else can quite match. After all, haven't we ourselves heard the wise old goes like" how a man has loved his mother will affect how he loves his wife"? (or something close to that). We never stop feeling tender toward them even when they have grown into adulthood, have married and become a parent.

Our sons may be blessedly married to wonderful, caring, loving and nurturing women, and we know within our hearts they are well taken care of and life is good for them...but we were Mommies from the start and Mommies we will always be and that means even having relinquished them to a wife our hearts will forever be branded with the images of a toddler who ran into our arms for comfort and consolation, then a young boy who held our hand as we crossed the street, then a teenager who in his own way struggled to grow, and now a man complete with responsibilities and families of his own.

Every now and then it is a treat to simply spend time in their company and catch up on life events, chat about what's happening in his life right now, share a joke or two, or reminisce about family and friends. The bond will never be broken, and as life cycles do just that...cycle through, one thing is for certain...Mothers and Sons are forever! I especially enjoy chatting with my sons. God blessed me with two who are adults now with their own families and I must say with a certain degree of Motherly affection (okay...a little pat on my back too) that as a single Mother I didn't do half bad.

But wait...I must first explain that my husband and their father died when they were very young boys and I took over alone from there, but I do believe that because I was a young mother (my oldest is exactly 21 years my junior) and I hadn't a clue as to what raising boys would be like, the unorthodox methods I used were the very things that made us unique and helped us to love each other with the devotion we had and still have.

I have learned so much from them. Funny how the teacher becomes the student, right? And I think that comes from some ancient proverb also, but it is true. I love and appreciate the life lessons gleaned from their fresh perspectives on life and from their wisdom that baffled me from the beginning, but has become a comfort to me in these later years.

So, young Mothers, cherish these glorious childhood days and this irreplaceable precious time in your sons life. Know that the busy toddler, the hyperactive little tyke, the mischief-making young boy and the precocious teenager, will grow into a fine upstanding man who will one day become one of your best friends.

Thank God for little boys who become Great Men!

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