Monday, October 17, 2011

The Secret's Out...

 Mature women live with peer pressure, that brings on insecurities and major cases of "wanna be's". I'm Alexis Martin, and I write this blog. I am privy to a lot of information about what's really going on behind closed doors in the houses of my friends because they tell me. And I'm telling you (not because I'm a gossip or anything, right?) Well, I never really cared for Helena. Sure we have been friends for a number of years but truth be told, I have never actually bonded with her. I can count on one hand the times we have been alone together. It seems as if we always have one of our friends with us because let's face it...we need a buffer zone.

 I have even told other people that I can't stand her. I don't like having such strong feelings of dislike toward anyone but I'm currently in therapy now trying to work through my emotional distress about a lot of crap, that includes Helena.
Helena's vanity has gotten her into some serious trouble. She is constantly trying to "one-up" everyone around her. Earlier this year, Helena was elected President of her Condo Board. That thrilled her to no end and immediately she went shopping for a new wardrobe of "Power Clothes" and began a one woman campaign to change everything that she didn't like about the neighbors and the building. Little did she know what lay in wait for her.

It was a setup from the beginning. Several neighbors and most of the Board Members did not care for Helena and Clayton. We will disclose exactly what straw broke the camel's back later, but for now just know that they both had on more than one occasion ignored the rules. Neither one of them were social with the neighbors and their grandchildren were discouraged from playing with any of the other kids in the building in the designated play area. Hence, the aversion toward them. They neighbors met covertly on several occasions to get strategic on how to publicly humiliate her. And since it was time to elect a new board President anyway, they agreed this was the ideal situation to launch their attack.  They all knew that neither Helena or Clayton would be the wiser because of the unanimous election simply because both of them had such inflated egos and a sense of entitlement they would be perfect prey.

Vindictiveness carries a big stick! When they staged a perfectly timed and coup against her after a mere six weeks on her throne, she was of course, devastated, and the neighbors were elated at her humiliation. For days Helena would not come around her friends. She tried unsuccessfully to keep this information quiet but hey let's face it...juicy stuff like this cannot be contained. Besides, I don't think she knew that one of the condo board members is distantly related to Claudette and he relayed the story to her and Claudette (who can't keep anything to herself) told me.  She knew I would want to celebrate.

Poor Helena. She is so very conceited and totally clueless that in her mind she rationalized that this was all about her looks.  The women are jealous and the men desirous of her. When she had completely convinced herself of this, she began to feel better and to return to the outside world, but vowing to herself a remake into an even more devastatingly beautiful woman. And so as not to alert her family by using pills or powders or meal shakes, she decided the easiest way to lose weight (those pesky 6 pounds she imagined were bulging on her hips) was to simply throw up after she ate. That way she could continue to behave as she always did (sometimes eating like a lumberjack) and no one would know. Now you all know, this is not the end of the story.

Stay Tuned!!! More to come!!

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