Saturday, October 8, 2011

Grandmothers are Looking Grand...

 Grandmothers began their exodus into change years ago...right off the top of my head I would say about twenty years ago. Now, mind you, I don't have any statistics or pie charts to prove or disprove this statement. It's merely a theory based on my memories of the grandmothers I've known for a while including my own two; way before I had the wonderful life-changing experience of becoming one myself. My most cognizant memories of them had them wearing big, heavy oxford type shoes, wrap-around aprons, braids and hair buns, cotton housedresses with little lace collars and little black round-toe 1/2" pumps to church. The wardrobes of grandmothers has progressively differed during the past two decades, and now here we are in the 21st century and we are stilleto-wearing, up-to-date hair fashion mavens and some of our society's most well dressed women.

Our ages are indeterminate. Our makeup is of the very best quality designed to enhance and compliment rather than to just cover up and disguise. Our colognes and perfumes are seductive and sassy worn in just the right amounts on precise skin points. We approach shopping for our extensive wardrobes with a zeal that is no less than that of a child waiting for the last day of school, strategizing and planning for every possible chance we may have to wear that pencil skirt with that certain tailored shirt, or those skinny jeans with the high heeled boots and our leggings (this year they are jeggings) with that "ever so adorable" pair of suede ankle boots. Our purses must be roomy enough to carry any item that we may even possibly need including wet wipes, iPads, smartphones, to an extra change of underwear ( you are free to let your mind go where you please with this one.)

All this is being said to enhance the view of how we are today. And what a truly wonderful thing that is! To not be sterotyped as a little docile chubby cheeked spectacle wearing  person sitting in a rocking chair with a bag of yarn goods by her side. Although this is a very nice image to summon up and it certainly is a pleasant scenario, but for years in the past this was basically the only way Grandmothers were portrayed. If we do chose to sit in a rocking chair, it usually is to put our feet up at the end of a busy day and enjoy a sunset, or a sunrise, or even in the middle of the day to relax and take a breather. Sure, knitting is still an enjoyable pasttime and one women of any age can enjoy. The whole point here is that TODAY we do whatever it is we do because it is a choice we make and not the norm. What I'm saying is as simple as that. Nothing complicated or anything, just that we see and value ourselves as a jeweler might assesses a precious multi-faceted gem; rare, brilliant and priceless.

Stay tuned folks.

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