Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Meet the Real Grandmothers of Charlotte...

Meet Helena Clayton, Bonnie Powell, Claudette Richardson and Alexis Martin. Their names have been changed but their stories are very real and not works of fiction. They are mature women who have traveled different paths in life but have formed a common bond in the friendships they have formed with each other. Their close knit relationships have made each of them realize that there is an unbreakable bond that exists between them; one that brings them closer than sisters and they have drawn strength and love from the years of sharing life's joys, sorrows, losses and victories. So we hope you will follow us and come back to see what's happening in our lives again and again.

Helena Clayton is a tall, statuesque glamourous woman who actually does look ten years younger than her fifty-something years. She has been married to the same man for thirty-five years and is the mother of  three daughters, and the grandmother to three girls and two boys. Helena and her husband own three successful Home Decor Boutiques located in various parts of the city. She is responsible for the daily running of the business assisted by her oldest daughter who manages the flagship store and serves as chief buyer for all three establishments. The retail business has been very good to Helena. After being in business for over ten years they recently celebrated the opening of the third store...and sales have been steady and profitable.

Her home is tastefully decorated and is very comfortable and inviting. Entertaining is something she does often, sometimes for business associates and sometimes for pleasure. Helena has always been high maintenance and she has no intention of changing that self-indulgent part of herself which she partakes in as often as she can, allowing herself to relaxing day spas, and various other beauty treats. So from the outside looking in Helena has everything going for her, her life seems enviable.

But, Helena has a secret. A secret that has begun to take it's toll on her. In the beginning she was able to deflect the nagging thoughts that occassionally found their way into her conscience with a variety of distractions like retail therapy entertaining, or outings with her girls or with her friends. Lately the distractions weren't effective. It seemed as if no matter what she did or where she went there it was; lying in wait at every turn to ambush her. Too often she was feeling a suffocating kind of pressure that took so much effort to hide from everyone until she became overwhelmed from the trying.

It was disturbing to discover that she had become quite an accomplished liar having to do it over and over again. Lying came way too easy and she knew it was just a matter of time before she would find herself too caught up in her own web of deceit to untangle herself from it. But she just didn't know what to do, or who to trust or how to start turning the situation around. Her life had started to take on a surreal quality; like she was outside of herself looking in. She lived in constant fear of accidental discovery, knowing that the results would be far worse if this happened. She had to find the courage to talk to someone and soon before the very worst came to pass.

Stay Tuned!! Learn more about the other three Grandmothers and who will open the door to find out what Helena is hiding?

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