Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Risky Business

They were both aware of the risk involved here, and it didn't make any difference at all. Not to either one of them. Actually, the atmosphere was charged with electricity generated from the dangerous setting. The very real chance of being discovered in a "compromising" position. What a pun! It could be labeled "compromising" because of the position she found herself in while trying to please her lover. Both of them had been anticipating being together for weeks; just waiting for the right moment.

He'd challenged her to try something new, and she had seen his challenge and raised her own; therefore adeptly calling his bluff.  This girl was on fire! And this man was definitely hot, amazingly seductive, and was a seasoned and well-traveled globe trotter. When he had suggested that she come up to visit him for the weekend, she had laughed at him. He lived in another city about ninety miles away. His wife had been away for several days and was not due to return home for another four days. He invited her to spend Friday and Saturday with him. Alexis thought that his invitation was a joke, but when he extended the invite to include bunking at his house she was speechless. When she realized that he was serious, her response to him was " Hell to da nah! You've lost your mind, white boy!".  Even as she said the words, she was secretly flattered that he was willing to take this chance.

But he was indeed serious. And she was indeed horny as hell, and wanted to be with him enough to be willing to take that risk. He assured her that his wife would not be returning until Sunday night. Alexis teased him by saying that she was afraid his wife would come back in the middle of the night and stab her in her sleep. She laughingly told him that she was "too pretty to get stabbed"; in her sleep or otherwise. Her protests were made half-heartedly though. Truth was she wanted to sleep with him, wanted to experience what it would be like with him after weeks spent in sexual wordplay and exchange of sexual innuendo, and so she shrugged off all of her second thoughts.

She went shopping at Nordstrom's and bought a couple of sexy lingerie sets, some new cologne and a few other necessities that would come in handy during a passion filled night of ecstasy, packed them all in her Michael Kors overnight bag and locked away her conscience when she locked the door to her house. Climbing behind the wheel of her black Volvo SUV, she decided then and there that she would save the self-recriminations and reprimands for a few days from now. For the present, she would be totally in the moment, and she intended to give as good as she knew she'd receive.

Cruising down the highway, she felt 'alive' and young! She felt beautiful and sexy and so excited about finding him waiting for her. She would not be disappointed. The directions he'd given her  to his house located in a secluded, wooded section were on point.  No one saw her enter the private entrance. She found it with no trouble at all, and she pulled into the gravel driveway exactly ninety minutes later. She parked and got out, retrieving her purse and overnight bag from the backseat of the SUV, and started toward the house. He opened the door as she approached, and stepped outside on the porch to greet her.

As she stepped up on the porch, he reached out and grabbed her; pulling her in and squeezing her so tight she could hardly breathe. He took her bag and her purse, placed them on a porch chair, and welcomed her with a kiss that went so deep and felt so good she thought her legs might give way and she'd fall to the ground. He was so tall, and so strong! His pictures had not done him justice. Oh yea...he was glad to see her alright. And the evidence of it was presenting itself against her stomach.

He smiled down at her, and the world turned Topsy-turvy.  Her knees were indeed weak, but his arms around her waist steadied her and kept her upright. He gathered up her things and guided her inside the cool, dimly lit entryway and then slowly they walked into a huge and well-decorated family room. He stopped and turned her to face him. Tilting her face up to him, he looked her square in the eye. "Are you sure you're okay with this, Alexis? Because as much as I want you, I'm giving you a chance to change your mind, and walk away with no hard feelings. Really, shugg...if you want to change your mind, now is the time. Later on will be too late".

He smelt soo good! He looked good and he felt even better than good. No way was she giving this up. "No. I'm good. I'm staying Nilla Wafer.". That sealed the deal, and the night began...


elle said...

Alexis "Got Her Groove Back" & "Jungle Fever" at the same d*mn time.

Anonymous said...

For real??? Alexis is brave!!!