Saturday, July 28, 2012

Our New Web Magazine

How many of you remember the magazine True Confessions? Boy, I loved to sneak and read it, but I had to hide it from my Mom. I was absolutely fascinated by the stories I read! So, we've decided to try and recreate the premise with something similar to it. Not exactly, but similar. The confessions will be from the lives of your favorite divas; your very own" Real Grandmothers" (Alexis, Claudette, Helena and Bonnie).

Beginning August 6, 2012 we will be posting on an alternate site; for a limited edition of True Confessions. At the end of our special edition run, we will return to post here at this blog site. We invite you to visit us at and to return here as our loyal fans!
We will not completely stop posting here. There will occasional posts while we are publishing our new magazine.

Thank you for being loyal followers, thank you for your comments and for helping us to grow! Our reading audience is important to us, for without you there would be no point to this at all.
So, please support us on True Confessions, and we guarantee you won't be disappointed!

See you very soon!
The Real Grandmothers of Charlotte

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