Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Natural Woman...

Ladies, we all know about the myriad of emotions that flow through us when that special guy looks at us. You know what I mean...that smoldering, passionate look that speaks volumes without him saying a word. But yet he is speaking to us and he can be saying just about anything ranging from a sexual innuendo to a "golly gee but she is FINE!! Okay well that last line sounded somewhat adolescent but you get my point.
A man's eyes portray his deepest feelings whether they are inspired by sexual attraction, desire, anger, surprise and pride. Sometimes he may try to mask his real feelings but they usually come through any pretense he may have when you look deep, deep deep into his eyes. Let's talk about the first two and the effect on us a women.

So, I'm reminded of a scene between two actors (male and female) on a television drama. This guy had the hots for a co-worker who happened to be married, although estranged. He had discreetly pursued her with a tantalizing game of cat and mouse until one day they met at the elevator.  As he blocked her entry into the elevator she backed up against the wall and faced him. He braced his arms against the wall on either side of her and leaned into her as if to kiss, but his face remained close but not touching. 

She could not resist looking back at him. He wasn't looking at her lips. He was looking into her eyes and into her very soul and without flinching or blinking he held her gaze. Time was suspended as the atmosphere around them became charged with pheromones and other in kind hormones.
I remember watching with my jaw dropped as the scene unfolded before me, and my heart skipped a few beats. I have never seen so much unspoken passion between two people with just a look while remaining fully clothed and upright! Whew!

A man and a woman...the way God intended it to be. Natural feelings and red-hot looks that speak for us when we are left too breathless to talk. When he follows up the "look" with the "touch" ...CAMOLY!!  We are almost ready to rocket to the moon !

If you are blessed to have this kind of fire and desire in your life, where your husband looks and speaks to you with his eyes (brown, blue, hazel, green or black) and your legs get weak and your heart races, and the palms of your hands get sweaty...WOW!! how sweet it is. And for those of us who are waiting this to happen...keep hope alive!

And on a totally unrelated issue, I'd like to give a shout out to an outstanding woman I met the other day who is a two-time cancer survivor, and I'm telling you she is awesome! Filled with hope and confidence and inspired by the love God has for her, she is excited about her future. We stood in agreement with each other for all of the promises God has for her. I have linked her non-profit organization link on my site here.  Hey friend...YOU ROCK!! 

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