Saturday, February 2, 2013

It's a Family Affair

Meantime, while Alexis Martin was experiencing one; no...the scariest and tense moments she had ever been through, on the other side of town her best friend Bonnie Powell was having a Kodak moment. Bonnie's daughter Kaycee had just given birth to her second child. It was a beautiful, and memorable event. Kaycee had a normal  delivery and she gave birth to a healthy baby girl. Bonnie was present at the birth along with her granddaughter Jillian (who has just become the "big" sister), her daughter's husband Devan and his parents.

At first, Bonnie had been slightly turned off at the idea of being in the room with her daughter when she gave birth, not to mention watching the whole thing with her son-in-law and his parents! It had seemed like so much like a spectator sport thing or something. Women from her generation did not invite others to witness such a private moment.

But, actually it had all occurred in good taste and it was not nearly as graphic as she had expected it to be. Kaycee and Devan were actually behind a privacy screen for the delivery, so she was able to maintain her modesty while sharing this important event with her family. Surprisingly, Kaycee's labor had not been overly long or unbearably painful. She had a natural birth, and Devan had been a loving, patient and encouraging coach. The Lamaze classes they had attended as a couple had proven to be well worth the money and the time they had invested. Proper breathing techniques, ice chips, soothing music, and having her wonderful and handsome husband right beside her had done absolute wonders for Kaycee. She  was all aglow with the whole experience, and when the baby was born, Bonnie looked at her daughter and thought that she had never looked more beautiful!

Of course, Jillian was not present during the labor and delivery. Her father's sister had taken her for the day, and when the call came that Jillian was officially a big sister, Auntie Nickie had brought Jillian to the hospital. By the time they got there, Kaycee and the newborn who was immediately given the name Sterling had been cleaned up and were sitting up in bed looking fabulous and ready to receive visitors.  And after making Jillian comfortable in a big chair near her mother's bed, the new Dad carefully laid baby Sterling in her big sister's arms. The look on Jillian's face as she held her new baby sister was one of pure joy. Bonnie and Bernadette (Devan's Mom) had both cried at this beautiful moment.

So, naturally while Bonnie was happy and joyous over the new birth, and so very grateful that God had brought her daughter safely through her labor and delivery, and given them this precious bundle...Alexis and Claudette had no intention of intruding on a family moment. No, it could and it would wait until later. By then, they would have the whole story...hopefully and maybe the shock would have worn off.

Or even better...Alexis would open her eyes and wake up from this terrible, terrible nightmare. One could always hope.

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