Friday, October 19, 2012

My Faith in Mankind is Justified

So I had a situation yesterday that was pretty scary, but could have ended up being much worse than it was. I was on my way home from work around 2pm and I guess I had gotten about a third of the way home when I had to stop in traffic behind a vehicle. Well, I applied my brakes with normal pressure that I always use in that amount of usual traffic, but my car did not stop immediately. I had traveled close enough to the rear of the car in front of me to barely avoid a collision, so instantly I glanced over at the next lane where traffic was clear and I switched lanes at a speed just barely above stopping. Her in this lane, I had time to continue to apply my brakes until the car stopped sufficiently at a red traffic light.
All of this took place in an instant. When the traffic light turned green, and I eased off the accelarator, I realized that I had a situation here. I was right in front of a turn-off to a strip mall, so I eased across into the left turning lane and was able to keep going and reach the safety of a large vacant part of the parking lot. I coasted to a full stop in a parking space a few over from where a group of guys that apparently were working for a landscape company seemed to be taking a break.
I got out of the car, and approached the nearest gentleman and asked for his help. I described what had just happened, and asked him to take a look at the brake fluid jug under the hood of my car. He readily agreed and proceeded to do just that. After a careful inspection of the jug's contents (which were not comletely empty) he then got down on the ground on took a closer look at my brake pads. When he told me they looked fine, I asked him to drive the cr around a bit close by and give me his thoughts on how the brakes felt to him, and this is just what he did. As he drove around a few empty parking spaces, I listened carefully and not once did I hear any of the noises that usually accompany worn brake linings or pads. When he brought the car back around, he gave me his honest opinion on what he had diagnosed as the problem...a fluid leak.
Okay; so there was an auto mechanic shop on the street acrossfrom the strip mall, and I figured I could make it there, so I thanked the young man, shook his hand and told him with God's help I would make it up there safely...which is just what I did. The auto shop manager offered to take a look at my car to diagnose the problem, but I had to decline for several reasons...ready cash flow and the possibility of having to "store" my car there until the cash flow improved. Next, I went outside and sat in my car and phoned my insurance agent to arrange for towing the car to my house. That procedure was executed rather seamlessly and to my satisfaction and not only was the agent at the insurance company cordial and handled things in a prompt way, but the third party company that actually dispatched the truck was the same.
After that was taken care of and I had taken notice of the time and done some mental calculations, I phoned my daughter-in-law to let her know what was going on and to arrange to have her stop by and pick me up after gathering the grandkids from school. The time frame that we were working in was a perfect fit for her. Satisfied that I had things under control, I texted my daughter-in-law in Virginia and brought her up to speed on things, assuring her I was fine and that events were in motion to handle the issues.
Feeling satisfied with all of these events, I moved the car to a more convienient location to a Bank of America parking lot (which was just across the driveway from the auto shop) so it would be easy for the truck operator to load my Debbie (my car is named Debbie) on the rollback. I went inside and spoke to the manager; explaining the situation to him and asking if I could use their restroom facilities. Not only was he extremely cordial but he invited me to make myself comfortable in one of the seating areas, offered meice-cold water and invited me to let him know if there was anything else he could do for me. After freshening up in the restroom, and enjoying the water, I made use of his offer and settled down to wait the forty minutes I'd been advised of from the towing company's operator.
I read a magazine, and played around with my phone apps and the time went by swiftly. The next thing I knew, I was getting a call from the driver telling me he was about to pull into the bank parking lot. Not only was he well within the time frame I had been given, but he was friendly and efficient and allowed me to ride with him to my house. When I discovered I'd be riding along with him, I changed the pickup plan with my daughter-in-law and asked her to meetme back at my house instead.
Allow me to recap. Listed here are the people who initially were all strangers to me who responded to my asking for help, treated me with respect and dignity, and did so with a smile. 1.) The gentleman at the strip mall parking lot   2.) The manager at the auto shop  3.) The agent at the insurance company  4. ) The dispatcher at the truck company  5.) The bank manager
Five strangers who helped me to accept and deal with an unpleasant and inconvienient situation with a smile and an honest attitude. Thank God for all of them; may he richly bless each one in turn. Our paths may never cross again, but I will enjoy telling this story many times over in the future because not only did I get the responses I expected but because I believe in the inherent goodness of God's people.  Visit my website and web store "Cafe Press" here! More interesting things to read about here.

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