Thursday, April 12, 2012

I'm Dancing as Fast as I Can...

Sometimes the world spins out of its orbit, teeters on its axis and everything is out of control. Up is down, down is up, round is square; light becomes dark…well you get my drift. The world and all that comprises it is fragile enough anyway so it is very easy sometimes for me to get turned upside down. Chasing the darkness away and holding onto the light is almost a daily battle; trying to rock steady and hold my course.
I am a very happy, positive and forward thinking person. I rely on my spiritual awareness and maturity to guide me in all that I do. I believe in miracles, the power of healing and in the Almighty God. Yet, there is something that is barely there but is there, and it seems to lie in wait to make an unwelcome appearance; thus altering my world and making it problematic. The triggers are not always the same, but the effects from the invasive thoughts assembled in the frontal lobes of my brain are.
Like I said earlier, I am a perfectly everyday girl. I am practical, intelligent, enlightened and funny. I don’t have nightmares and I pride myself on my ability to remain calm and assured most of the time. So what is up with this entity that hides behind the goodness and tries to manipulate it into something that is not “goodness?” It has no name, no identity and no mercy.
Staying on top of situations, issues, bearing the burdens of others, being counselor and confidant can become overwhelming. It can get out of control and when it does; my life accelerates into warp drive. It becomes a challenge to focus on who needs what from me. And what have I said to whom? Everyone’s voice melts into one loud cacophony, as identities are lost or misplaced. It is comparable to being pushed into the water from a high distance unawares.
How can I keep up with the renegade suckers who insist on bombarding me with their persistent niggling annoyances? Well, what I have learned from some very reliable sources is that these bold, arrogant thought monsters are the very artistic work of the Devil Himself…or what Christians refer to as “The Enemy”. He works the hardest and the most persuasive on those who DON’T belong to him. For those who belong to God, he tries his hardest to convince us that something is wrong in our lives, and that we are not normal and our emotions are questionable.  He wants us to think that since nothing is working out for us anyway, we may as well admit defeat and cross over to his side.
We have to stand firm and on solid ground, fully anchored and grounded in the word of God, relying on his promises and not the deceitful voice of Satan. He’s powerful, but God is ALL POWERFUL. Listen to his voice and not that of Beelzebub. Do not be deceived! Dance as fast as you can to keep moving, keep being proactive by having an active prayer life, and an intimate relationship with God. Don’t become slack or let your guard down…a crack in a door is an invitation for the enemy to just walk right in and make himself at home! And once he’s there…he makes himself right at home in your mind, in your heart and in your soul.
Only an active intimate fellowship with God... that is kept alive by constant prayer and faith based belief will overcome and conquer this enemy. Without this full armor, we are defeated and will be dancing for the enemy. If you don’t know him, learn about him and get to know him. Invite him into your life and then give that life to him. Do it today; do it now…before the music stops.

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