Monday, September 23, 2013

Dear God, Why Am I Needy?

This post is being written from the perspective of the central character in my book. She is writing a letter to God. These are her thoughts and what she would say if she were writing this post. If you are moved by these words, read more about her and her story in the book "Not Easily Forgotten" on sale now online in the Create Space e-store.

Dear God,
You know that Christmas is my Daddy's favorite time of the year. He really loves this holiday so  much. He always takes me and my little brother out to the woods behind our house to cut down a beautiful cedar tree. Then we help him carry it back down the hill and Daddy puts the tree in the big metal Christmas tree stand so it will stand up straight. Daddy laughs a lot when he is cutting down the tree and he talks about the decorating he is excited to do. Our whole house is decorated with colored lights that twinkle on and off. Daddy puts lights on the front porch rails, on the bushes in the front yard and around the front door.

The tree is always decorated with red and gold ornaments and colored lights. My brother and me get to throw the silver tinsel on the tree after Daddy finishes the decorations. Momma always sits back and watches us, sometimes she hands Daddy stuff, but mostly she watches.

Then, Momma will slowly start to put presents under the tree after she wraps them. She always wraps them so pretty. They have different colors of wrap and she always ties big pretty bows on the gifts. And of course on Christmas morning, Santa has left toys under the tree for my brother and me. Santa always eats his ham sandwich and pound cake Momma fixes for us to leave for him. We leave the snack in the living room on the coffee table.

But this Christmas my Daddy won't be here. He is in jail. Momma says there won't be much for us under the tree. She can't have enough money to buy us a lot of presents, and to pay for Santa. It's okay. All I really want for Christmas is my Daddy to come home.

Last night some white men came to our house. They looked at our house funny. They acted like they didn't want touch nothing, and that made my Momma feel bad. They brought a few toys for me and my brother. They said they brought them from the Needy Children Fund what buys toys for children who are needy at Christmas.

The toys looked funny. They won't wrapped in pretty paper or nothing. It was four little boxes. Two boxes with pink labels said "Girl child " and two blue labels said "Boy child". Dear God, I know I'm a girl, and I know Stevie is a boy. But what I didn't know is that we was needy. Dear God, I miss my Daddy. Please send him home in time for Christmas.

Your friend,
Deana Williams

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elle said...

And I would tell Deana..

I know EXACTLY how you feel. No Christmas won't be the same this year. Just wait til your Daddy comes home!! The holidays will be soooo much better when he does. It will be 10 times better than what you remember. Your family will have a greater appreciation for the things God had provided for you... Mainly each other! Trust me! Just hang on and keep praying!