Friday, April 20, 2012

Magic and Moonbeams

Now there is an incredible romantic inside of all of us. You know what I mean; having the attention spotlight on us with all of the accoutrements that promise a night of adventure and magic. What makes it near perfect is having the type of man in your life with a penchant for orchestrating such an evening. He is special because he can make full advantage of the magically carpeted night sky, and make it seem to you that he summoned the moonbeams and all the universe has to offer...just for you.

My friend Claudette has recently had the chance to experience such a night. She has been dating the same guy for about three months now. From what I have seen and observed, he appears to be a pretty nice guy. The vibe I get is that he's also straightforward and ethical to boot. I'd say that Claudette has struck pay dirt with this one. His name is Cameron Royce,and he's a retired truck driver. He owns his home, a couple of nice late model cars, is part owner of a thriving coffee house/cafe and most of all...he is a Christian. We've all met him ( by all I mean the sisterhood as we refer to ourselves) and none of us can find fault with the man! I only wish he had a twin.

So, he designed a very special weekend on a three day cruise for himself and his lady. He made every single arrangement, paid attention to each detail and presented the package to Claudette. Of course she was thrilled, and when she accepted his invitation, the brother's face actually lit up! He was more excited than she was. They were both like two kids on Christmas morning who found that Santa had brought them everything they had asked for. He was so happy that he took her in his arms, bent her backwards and kissed her with enough passion as to cause spontaneously combustion. We gave him a "hip, hip, hooray" and sang "For he's a jolly good fellow" for that.

The photo that they took on the last night of the cruise was one of them posing in their formal attire. They stood at the railing, overlooking the sea. They were embracing and the backdrop was perfect. The moon was shining, the stars were twinkling and no two people could have appeared happier and more content with each other. The magic that surrounded them was palpable. God had blessed them and blessed them indeed. Two people who were once alone but now have each other. Two people who are not only in love with each other, but are best friends.

The romance that comes with a dedicated and monogamous relationship is precious. That incomparable feeling of being loved, wooed, sought after and treasured is...priceless! It does happen to real women and it truly does exist. But only God can place this into our lives. As long as we try to make it happen all by ourselves, we screw it up somehow. We simply lack the wisdom and the revelation to make it a success without divine direction.

For those of us who have not yet experienced the amazingly magical bond between ourselves and that special man, please hold on to your dreams. Don't give up! Keep living your life as God directs you too, being faithful and obedient. Keep pressing your way into his presence. Communicate with him daily in prayer and in listening for his voice. That sudden breakthrough is close by, and the next thing you know...POW! Your very own stardust will be sprinkled around you, and the magic will be yours to have and to hold.

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