Monday, March 12, 2012

Sisters Interrupted...A Confessional (Part One)

Back together again...the friendship stronger than ever. We had reached an important crossroads in our relationship with each other what with all of Helena’s drama and subsequent episodes, but like the kindred spirits that we are, we rallied as one in support and love and we held it together. Now we’re back in full force stronger and closer than we were before, ready and set to go!
And since our lives are collectively the backdrop for one big theatrical stage, Bonnie felt that as comrades in arms, now was the time for another revelation that would simply put...rock our world! It had been a minute since all four of us were able to celebrate a girls night at one of our homes. This time we had come out in all of our magnificence at Bonnie’s house for dinner, drinks and a good ole fashioned overdue gossip session. As was our custom, we dressed for the evening just as if we were embarking on an evening at an uptown restaurant. It was a code we followed to the “T” and that was that we could turn anything and/or any place into a special occasion. So, we always turned up looking fabulous in all our our regal splendor!
Bonnie had set the mood in her gorgeously decorated Family Room with the drinks set out at the bar, and the music, and food chosen with as much care as if she were entertaining royalty...for actually that was what we were...regally beautiful sisters and friends! What added to the atmosphere of royalty were the carefully selected shades of purple in her color scheme so expertly done by hers truly. 
Anyway, three of us arrived together (Claudette had picked us up) and there was no need to worry about a designated driver or having one too many drinks because as was our other custom, we always had a big girls pajama party after dinner, spending the night so no one had anything to worry about.
So, Miss Bonnie didn’t waste any time after we had all given a serious moment to thank God that Helena was recovered, that her marriage was on the mend (beautifully!) and that the worst was over. She had an unmistakeable air of mystery about her told us that as soon as dinner was over she wanted us to get real comfortable and give her our undivided attention. She promised us a tale to remember! 
That is just what we did. We again gathered in the family room and after dinner drinks were prepared and as Bonnie passed the tray around with coffee flavored amaretto, we couldn’t help but be antsy because like I said, it had been a while since we had an evening like this! You could just feel the atmosphere being cloaked in mystery!
She took a seat at one end of the  semi-circular sofa and tucked her beautifully pedicured feet under her, and began her expose. She opened with this statement, “My dearest friends and sisters, what I am about to tell you I once vowed that I would never reveal to another person outside of my family. But since our years together have brought us as close as family, and I could not love each of you more, I have decided that it is time to unburden myself. I fear no reproach from either of you and that gives me total freedom to make for full disclosure, and then perhaps I can bury this once and for all...”
We listened with complete attention...

Do you like this post? Tune in for Part Two in a few days! 

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