Friday, February 3, 2012

A Blast From Her Past...Epilogue

Fools rush in where angels fear to tread, but best friends have no such qualms. Best friends will make no false pretenses and don’t waste time with innuendoes or preambles to conversations that relate to delicate subjects. No sir…best friends are not hot house flowers…we are made of much studier stuff than that. We don’t beat around the proverbial bush and we don’t play around with bits of fluff either. Just like investigative reporters we are out to get relevant information and we don’t stop until we have the whole story.
Thus went our post-night out “interrogation” of Bonnie. She and Mitchell had left the club shortly after they came off of the dance floor, and all she said to us was “Hey…Mitch and I are going somewhere a little quieter so we can talk; you know so we can catch up on each other’s lives. It has been a while you know, so we’re going to head over to my house.” All he did was stand there next to her and smile that gorgeous smile with the perfect teeth that could melt any woman’s heart. Bonnie did appear to be a little uncomfortable and she didn’t quite look at us when she spoke, but we don’t judge. We simply said okay and we would talk the next day.
We met for dinner at my house, and she didn’t stand a chance around us when she walked in. We were primed and ready to get the lowdown on their little reunion. But, what we heard was not what we expected to hear. Our friend surprised us by saying that she had no intention of reuniting with her old lover. And actually he didn’t even bring it up! He simply wanted to get away from the party crowd and have her to himself for a few hours just for old time’s sake. He made that plain from the start.
So they talked and she made them a late night supper, and they drank champagne and listened to music from when they were together, danced some more and all in all she had a very nice time. And when the night was over, he held her in his arms and kissed her and told her how much he enjoyed seeing her again. Mitch had told her how important it was to him to be able to set the record straight and finally be able to face her with the truth about why he had left so abruptly and stayed away incommunicado.
Apparently she was completely satisfied with their conversation and the end results. They both knew that there was no future for them together as lovers, but a friendship was definitely possible and was very welcome. And so it went; two former lovers sharing one brief evening of passion with the mutual agreement to part ways as good friends.
Neither one of them had been in love at the time, and they acknowledged that their relationship was fueled by desire and lust and raw emotion. Not a cornerstone for a solid alliance for two people, but now they could face the truth and be honest in their assessment. This time a proper goodbye was said, the hard feelings absolved and the two ships that had shared the same port set their individual courses and sailed off with promises to meet again someday.
Aren’t happy endings wonderful? Well, we were admittedly a little disappointed that this was the entire story. I personally had been ready for something much juicier than that! But I was truly happy for my friend and when I thought more about it, really glad that the drama in her life had dwindled considerably and she was much better for it. And now to get these gals out of my house so I can get my chores done…and then I’m off for a little adventure of my own, and they don’t have a clue…

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