Monday, January 9, 2012

Workaday Blues

I've got the workaday blues...we've all felt this unexplicable yet familiar feeling of sluggishness and mental lethargy that usually welcomes in Monday mornings. Sometimes it comes from overdoing the weekend activities, rising too earlier onver the weekend and not getting enough shut-eye, or simply from wanting to hug the covers and remain leisurely in the bed safely tucked away fro the world outside.

Personally I am a morning person; always have been from back during my working days, but although I still am, the start of the morning has been moved back from 5am to 7am to 9am and now it's 10am. But hey...I'm still a gal who prefers to do what needs to be done within the meatier part of the day and take advantage of the late afternoon and early evening hours to relax and enjoy. I sit up later and later at night to watch old reruns and read in bed, which defies every sensible rule promoted by sleep experts and those who propose to be experts on what "not" to do before bedtime that will hinder getting a full 8 hours of sleep. Well, I say do what works for you as an individual, and I find it rather soothing to hear the low hum of the telly as I drift off into slumberland.

But, there might not be anything physically or emotionally wrong with us and we can still experience a slight degree of what I call the "workaday blues". I have written a cute little diddy to commerate it so to speak. I don't mean a depression, or a full blown melancholy; quite not. These are medical conditions and more often than not require medication and a medical professional's help. Sing along in a tune of your own choosing these words and you'll understand what I mean.

I've got the workaday blues come Monday all over again
Cloudy skies and windy with just a smatter of rain
The covers are wrapped around me like a warm fuzzy cocoon
Don't want to move or come out any time soon
My limbs are tired and heavy; I've been overdone
My eyelids droop and refuse to stay open
The workaday blues ...yes it's Monday again
Come Tuesday soon...I'll be alright til another Sunday night.

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