Monday, January 30, 2012

A Blast from Her Past...(Part Two)

If there was just one man that Bonnie would describe as being physically, fashionably and intellectually perfect it would have been Mitchell Alexander Chandler. She remembered when she had first met him in 2002, and how she had been bowled over by his suave and laid back demeanor. She had met him through an online dating service that matched local singles in her hometown. They seemed to hit it off immediately.

What was really great is that he lived in her community (with his mother of course) and was always punctual to show up at her house. When she discovered he had a wife and family in a nearby city, she was understandably upset and hurt by his duplicity, but after he had explained to her that they were legally separated and had no intention of a reconciliation, well...she so wanted to be with him that she had no problems accepting what he said and going on with the relationship.

Funny how all of these thoughts ran through her mind in the space of a couple of minutes while Mitchell made his way over to them. Thankfully, he stopped at a table on the way and spoke with another couple for a moment...time enough for her to compos herself and for Alexis and Claudette to close up their mouths and swallow. As he approached his beautiful smile widened ad his eyes sparkled behind the lenses of  very smart pair of glasses. She saw that he was intent only on getting to her. For some really strange reason that was inexplicable...suddenly she heard a song in her mind by the Temptations; " Some Enchanted Evening"...about how two sets of eyes meet across a crowded room.

" love. How wonderful it is to see you again", Mitch practically purred these words at her as he reached for her hands to pull her up to him. He embraced her against her...all six-foot-three inches of him and wrapped his arms close and tight around her. Then, he tilted her face up and kissed her fully for at least five very slow seconds! When he released her, she was literally dizzy from the contact with him, and all she could do was smile and her voice was barely above a whisper when she spoke his name.

Alexis invited him to have a seat and he took the vacant chair next to Bonnie. It was almost as if none of the years had passed between them and none of the hurt and anger she had felt when Mitch just walked away from her had ever happened. She had forgotten about the reasons why they had argued and said so many hurtful things to each other in the weeks before he disappeared. I was as if she had never cried any of the tears or felt the loneliness of being without him had invaded her life ten years ago. That was the kind of effect he had on her.

Thy exchanged pleasantries and after a few minutes Alexis and Claudette excused themselves and left the two ex-lovebirds alone. Mitchell had been living two hours away and had finally gotten a divorce. He had however remarried and was the stepfather to two pre-teen aged kids. His own two daughters came to visit him twice a year because his ex-wife had custodial rights. He was fortunate not to have had to pay alimony since Sharon (the ex-Mrs. Chandler) had remarried very soon after the divorce. His child support payments would be over soon...later this year when the twin girls turned eighteen. He had been twelve years older than Sharon when they got married and he had always felt as if she regretted being tied to an old man.

Bonnie brought him up to speed on her last divorce, and that she was enjoying being on her own after the last fiasco of a relationship she had with Avery Hampton. She was going to take her time and not rush into anything for a while until she had her feet grounded. She told him she was tired of  taking off without a flight plan and then always trying to maneuver herself and her feelings around all kinds of obstacles and eventually crashing in some tangled jungle.

He asked her to dance, and they took to the floor shaking their tail feathers to a popular dance song. Then as they started back to their table, the DJ put on "Slow Dance" by John Legend. He turned her around and took her in his arms. Time stood still and there was no one around but them as they began to dance in perfect sync with each other as they had done so many times before in the Family Room of her home years ago.

Her two best friends watched them with mixed feelings. They loved he and didn't want to see her hurt again by this man. She deserved to be happy and she deserved the peace she had finally gotten in her life; a peace that had eluded her for way too long. This was going to be a problem if he wanted to reconcile with Bonnie and they could just see it happening all over again. But they resolved to not be nay-sayers. They would always remain her mainstay in the friend category and would always be there for her no matter what. All they could do was pray that Bonnie's life would not end up shattered like Helena's.

What does this mean with Mitchell resurfacing in Bonnie's life? Does he want another chance, or is their a more sinister or altruistic reason he has come back? Looks like there will be a Part Three!! How exciting; and stay tuned!

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