Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Thrill is Gone...

My friend Bonnie and I were sitting in a local Starbucks having a much needed coffee; enjoying a few moments of relaxation celebrating the finishing up of our holiday shopping excursion. We had braved the throngs of shoppers and when we crossed off the last items from our respective lists, and stored the last of our packages in the trunk of Bonnie's SUV, we headed up the sidewalk to the coffee house anxious to inhale the aroma and sip the fragrant brew that we loved so much.

So after we had settled down with extra-large cups of steaming flavored coffee and some biscotti to nibble on, we got right down to the business at hand. We were ready to discuss the latest situation in the soap opera of our lives which headlined Helena and Stanford and their recent big date night which sadly was not the success Stanford had hoped for. We had been told by Helena that he had planned the perfect romantic date night with limo service and all of her favorite things, and had reserved a gorgeous room for an overnight stay uptown in the city's grandest hotel.

She called an emergency meeting of the sisterhood the Monday following the weekend and we all got together for a pot luck dinner (and lots of the "make me joyful" liquids that must be served at these meetings) at my house to hear testimony and file discovery motions involving her case ( a little legal humor here). If not for the close friendship that we share with each other, and if not for the longevity of our friendship I must admit...I could easily and without malice and aforethought label Helena as a slut. An ungrateful, conniving, selfish, vain, low-down, cheating slut! Just because she is surburban bourgeois does not make her any better than a woman from a lower economic class in the same shoes. A slut by any other name is the same.

She did not enjoy her date night with her husband. She said she could appreciate the effort he made and the thought he put into it, but she simply could not stop wishing she were with her lover, and how much more excited and happy she would have been had it been him there instead of Stanford...the man whom she is married to for better or for worse.

Naturally we asked her if she thought Stan was suspicious of her lack of enthusiasm, and she shrugged and non-chalantly said"Probably". Well when the woman a man is out with seems distant and not quite there during a ride in a dark limousine with a vintage champayne being  offered and with The Isley Brothers crooning out "Nothing But Smooth Sailing Tonight", he would have to be blind not to see what was going on. So we learned that through the five course meal, the for-lovers-only horse-drawn carriage ride through uptown, culminating in the bedroom of the hotel, the most she could muster up was a lukewarm pretense at satisfaction.

Bonnie and I talked about how indifferent she seemed toward the matter; I mean this was nothing to play around with. Stanford is a very nice guy and always seemed to be in control of his emotions and all, but who could say what a man would do when confronted with a cheating wife? Especially after all he had been through with her! We knew that she would continue to see this other man and that she would probably not make any excuses for herself or her behavior. Simply put, girlfriend just didn't care. She had left us the other night with these words..."The thrill of being with Stanford is gone. I don't know how much longer I can fake it with him, or even stand to have him touch me. The thrill is gone..."

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