Saturday, December 10, 2011

Curiously Strong and Annoying...

One of the perks of writing a blog is that the writer gets to sound off if you will on all of the things that don't make me go "Umm"...but in reality make me go "ugh!".You know what I mean when I say that I want to scream, pull my hair, stomp my foot in totally bewildered frustration at the perpetrators of these nastily annoying things. Here is my condensed version of my latest mind-boggling pet peeves. Not meant to offend but to entertain!
1. People who always refer to the mysterious "they" in a conversation ie; "they said this that or the other', or  "well, why won't they do this that or the other". They-they-they! Who is they?

2. People who when not opening their statements with the word "they" begin their dialogue with "I wish".  They wish they could sleep later, they wish it would rain, they wish it would stop raining, they wish they knew why fools fell in love.

3. People who while trying to tell a potentially really funny joke cannot tell it because they are laughing harder at the fact that they are so tickled at themselves they can't relate it to you so you too may get in on the jollies.

4.Store associates who ask you "did you find everything you need?'' when you are no more than five feet within the entrance of the store. I mean, come on! Good customer service is right on point and consumers really dig it, but hey..let me get inside the store, and at least pretend to browse before Suzy Sunshine gives me her  perky employee rehearsed spiel. (Oops!Sorry guys, I didn't mean to be politically incorrect and leave you out because nowadays there are male sales associates as well.)

5. Drivers who sit a a green light too long and then cause the divers behind them to miss out. I mean it has happened to everyone at some point or another when we are woolgathering or listening to music, talking on the phone or yelling at the kids, and even then I reprimand myself.

6. Lastly, what's up with automated dialer phone calls? You answer the phone (only if you choose to) and then you yell "hello" into the receiver three or four times and get disconnected. Fortunately now we have the "Do Not Call Registry" that has been a tremendous help in reducing the unwanted phone calls, but hey...I'm just saying!

Just Annoying!

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