Monday, December 12, 2011

Champagne and Chocolate...A Date Night Story...

The black stretch limousine pulled to a stop in front of the steps that led up to the entrance of the residence at 5797 Asia Park Lane. It was Saturday night and the time was 8pm and the night was so beautiful, one would think it had been specially ordered for this very special occasion. The moon was a perfect round orb of brightness and each star in the sky twinkled as if it were saying her name...Helena. Stanford could not have asked for a more lovely setting as the universe provided the perfect backdrop for a perfectly planned evening out with his gorgeous wife.

Stanford Clayton is a man of determination and drive. Driven to excel in whatever he does either in his professional or his personal life. Determined to be the absolute best at whatever he does and he will not be outdone or cuckolded by another man. And so when he began to feel an uneasiness in his soul, a constant nagging if you will... trying to tell him something important regarding his wife and his marriage, he made up his mind to take immediate action to stop any trouble that could be brewing. He didn't know exactly what was wrong because it continued to elude him, but he just knew that a plan of action was required and it had to be now.

So he planned an evening out with Helena, and it included the limo ride to her favorite restaurant where they would have private seating in one of the eating areas designed for complete privacy from the other diners, a gourmet meal prepared just for them, and to culminate the night they would be spending it away from home at the city's most luxurious hotel. He had high expectations that they would keep the fun going with some "breath-taking, spin the world on its axis lovemaking." He was very much aware that ever since she had recovered from her previous public humiliation, and wrapped up her therapy sessions and been rejuvenated, she had also altered her personality just enough to cause some minor concern.

Now, she kept to her routine and all and no one except very close friends would suspect anything was...different. But he was her husband and he knew her inside and out, and he was convinced something had changed toward their marriage. She had not locked him out of their bed, and she continued to have sex with him but he was no fool. Her reactions were becoming increasingly superficial and he could feel a distance growing between them that she was probably unaware was evident.

Sometimes he wanted to lay the blame at the feet of her friends, Bonnie Powell, Claudette Richardson  and Alexis Martin. If not for the fact that Helena had shared with him their own tales of woe he would gladly hold them culpable for his wife's suspicious behavior. Especially Alexis Martin. Her whole life has been questionable to his way of thinking. Anyway, tonight was going to put them back on the right track and their life would resume it's idyllic state.

The bar was stocked with champagne...the same one they had adopted as their favorite when they celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary. The vintage was perfect. A box of Godiva chocolates was gift wrapped and waiting and the music had been selected. He was dressed to the nine's just like a man of his statue should be. Stanford chuckled to himself as he preened a little before the mirror that he would make a fine cover model for an issue of "Black Enterprise" magazine. Well...maybe one day, right?
He moved to his wife's dressing room to inform her that the limo had arrived and with so much excitement and anticipation, he offered her his arm to escort this beautiful woman whom he loved and adored with all his heart to her waiting chariot.

Will Helena be swept along with contagious excitement? Will she live up to Stanford's expectation in the bedroom? Or will this all be for naught and end up a total bust?

Stay tuned to find out!

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