Monday, October 31, 2011

What Becomes of the Brokenhearted...

A broken heart can happen to anyone of any age,because this painful malady is indiscriminate. It can strike the very young,and the not so very young. It will rear it's ugly head boldly and ferociously and leave chaos and destruction in its wake; targeting a human life. Having a broken heart can make us want to hide out from the rest of the world, it can make us bitter, resentful and if not tended to properly we can sometimes go into a really bad case of hunger mongering. Hunger mongering is the shameful act of eating anything and everything we can get or hands on allowing food to become our new best friend and provide a soothing balm to our wounded soul. I want to tell you about my friend Claudette who (thanks to a wonderful Sisterhood of the Traveling Spa support system).

Claudette has a big heart with a wonderful personality and she embraces the world and all that is in it with arms flung wide and a 1000watt smile. In spite of her being a mature woman, she has such a lovable naivete about her, and most folks just immediately take to her.Unfortunately this makes her a gullible target to every Lothario in the city. It seems as if they can smell her miles away, and they draw to her like frogs to a june-bug pie.

The last romantic event in her life was quite serious. I mean we all thought that she had found the "one". She had been on a dating hiatus for so long we had to reinitiate her on dating protocol. The offender's name was Raymond (Ray) Taylor, and he was a real looker, great dresser and a good conversationalist. And from the reports we got from Claudette, he not only knew which fork to use when dining out, but the man could actually calculate the correct amount of the tip for their bill. They dated for nearly three months on a regular basis. There were no signs that there was anything amiss in Ray's life, and Claudette saw the way clear to her being his main squeeze...his Lady. All of us were thrilled for her. Until that fateful Friday night in late summer.

Claudette had been trying to reach Ray all day to decide on the plans for that evening. He wasn't answering his home or his cell phone. When she hadn't heard from him by five o'clock that evening, she became a little concerned and she thought she would just take a ride on over to his place and make sure he was alright. As always she took pains with her appearance, because Claudette was not one for taking chances appearing in public without full makeup, and every hair in place. We always teased her and said that she would never be caught off guard and was always dressed for any type of action. She got into her late model Sebring and since it was a pretty hot evening, she let the top down, and slipped a Mary J. Blige disc in the player. When she arrived at his house twenty minutes later she was surprised to find his and several other cars parked in the driveway.

She got out and walked up to the door, and just as she was about to ring the bell (no she did not have a key), the door opened and a man she recognized came out . She spoke and casually asked him if Ray was home. His friend was evasive in answering and mumbled something she couldn't understand and walked past her. So, she went on inside and followed the sound of voices coming from the kitchen. As she walked into the kitchen she saw three men sitting at the kitchen table and there was evidence that a card game was in progress. She had met two of the men through Ray, but the others were strangers. She smiled and spoke: "Hey Al, hey Curtis, yall seen Ray?" They simply looked at her for the space of a minute then hung their heads and no one said a word. Then she heard it. The sound of a woman's laughter coming from a room down the hall.

She went to the room and opened the door and what she saw nearly made her physically ill.There was Ray in the all-together in his bed with a woman who was also in her all-together. She immediately became outraged and yelled at the woman to get out! Afetr this woman finally figured out Claudette was definitely not kidding, she managed to slide out of the bed and grab her clothes running into the adjoining bathroom to dress. Ray looked up at Claudette and very casually folded his arms behind his head and denied that "anything happened". She was so humiliated and hurt, she ran from the house and got in her car, calling Helena on her cell phone, and Helena called me and I called Bonnie. After several phone calls we agreed to meet each other at Claudette"s house to assess the damage.

Needless to say she was devastated, and that louse RaymondTaylor didn't have the decency to call her for two days after the incident. When he did call, he tried to convince her she had imagined what she saw! Can you believe the nerve of that creep? Well she moped around for days, finally officially broke up with him and  after an official mourning period of three weeks she was up and running again. We had several girls night out inside her house because she wouldn't leave secretly hoping Ray would show up and beg her to come back, which did not happen. What did happen was that we helped our dear friend to heal and restore her confidence in herself amidst facials, and mani/pedis that we gave each other on weekends so she wouldn't be alone. Helena's husband was graciously understanding of our friendship and had no problems with his wife sending so much time with her friends.

Cluadette's own childen were supportive, and of course the grandkids were a sunny delight to her as always. So, how do you mend a broken heart? With faith, fortitude and friends, a good wine, laughter and lots of cherry blossom scented foot scrub. We should aways be there for those we love; not to admonish or to judge their actions, but to be a shelter in a other words, be a REAL friend.

True story.

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