Sunday, October 9, 2011

Real Women...Real Beauty

Today we will kickoff the post talking about  two "REAL" things; women (of course as living and breathing beings we are actual and being actual makes us real) and what makes us who we are. Leading with that statement I want to define the word "real" as an adjective which is mostly how I am applying it here. Merriam-Webster defines the word real as "not being artificial, fraudelent, or illusory and being precisely what the name implies". Thank you Merriam-Webster.

How many of us have heard over the years what our Mothers had to say about beauty? During those awfully awkward pre-teen years when we were trying to come into ourselves and open up to the transition from child to teenager? One could wax poetic and describe this metamorphisis as blossoming into womanhood in the like manner of a rose bud whose beautifully soft petals open up fragrant into full bloom. All of us wanted to be beautiful and have lovely skin and pretty hair that grew flowingly down our backs. Yes, we did. And Mothers and Aunts and all the women of the neighborhood told us that "child, you know beauty is only skin deep!" Well as a child that old saw might apply, but as grown women we realize something else about beauty from within. It comes from within assorted cases and tubes from Bobbi Brown, MAC, Carols Daughter, Max Factor and Cover Girl.

And now we are buying into the latest catch phrase that fifty is the new forty, forty is the new thirty and yada-yada-yada. Women of all yadas want to always look their very best and that very best often translates into "beautiful" and we want to achieve beautiful in the most effective and the shortest way possible. We want to appear as if we are on the cover of a fashion magazine while making it seem effortless. Just because we have this desire does not make us any less real.We are enhancing our natural beauty, empowering ourselves, and boosting our self-confidence by creating a look that is being promoted and packaged by fragrance and makeup manufacturing giants all over the world. Beauty is a multi-billion dollar industry and we as mature ladies want our slice of the pie and we want to eat it too along with the rest of the world.

Whether we are scheduled to make an appearance at a charity luncheon, stepping out to meet friends for drinks, or doing the weekly shopping at the supermarket, we always want to look our best and we want to do it in style. Just the right precision haircut, the perfect shade of lipstain, makeup coverage that is flawless and natural looking, light and bright eyes for daytime, smokey eyes for playing at night. Do not be misled...while the special effects may be bought and paid for, the woman wearing them is the real deal and she is not defined by the glamour, but rather she is embracing it and it embraces her.

Stay tuned for the next post. Sneak preview on the Real Grandmothers and the Single Life! Get ready to walk through the door!!

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