Friday, October 21, 2011

Mr. Wrong meets Ms. Right...

How many of you single mature bachelorettes would be honest enough to admit you've tried those matchmaking dating sites with catchy titles alongside the photo that says "Single and Looking", or "Mature Man Needs a Mate", or how about this one: "King Looking for His Queen". When friends and family run out of eligible mature men to set us up with, then here we go...dressing up our profiles, posing for that all important profile photo that says we are demure and come hither at the same time. Well ladies, I have been there, done that, got a t-shirt and a trophy! Fortunately for me, I abandoned all efforts to find my Mr. Right on my own several years ago, but how well do I remember how the game is played. Let me tell you...

I signed up on a dating site and submitted my profile, taking the time to answer all questions, write an essay on what my expectations in a mate are, including my physical, educational, emotional and spiritual wish list (and in hindsight I realized the "spiritual" list should have come first!). After twenty four hours and having my information "reviewed and approved" I was put in the infinite search que along with the other babes. It didn't take long for me to receive email, but most of it was icebreaker, winks and oh yeah; my favorite: "I smiled at you" crap.

These fancy perks are available to anyone who does not pay for membership in these elite groups of eligible men who are missing front teeth, unemployed, or as we have discovered later an HDJ (High Defintion Jerk). A  few days later I got an email from a man who actually wrote me something. After we exchanged a few emails leading up to giving each other our contact numbers, we proceeded to have a few conversations which of course led up to arranging our first meeting.  BTW...allow me to say that while I gave him my home and cell numbers, I only received his cell number and I should have heard LOUD clanging in my head warning me something was not necessarily kosher here.

Well, we met, had a wonderful time at lunch in a nice restaurant. I was pleased with his manners, his mode of dress, and his grooming; and of course, he was an attractive man who drove a clean late model vehicle. At the end of our date we went for a walk and he promised to call. Okay, we continued our phone conversations for another two weeks and then we went on our second date which was equally as nice. Several days went by and I hadn't gotten the second date followup call and after another 24 hours I called him. The phone was answered by a female and she immediately became belligerent when I asked for the guy. Of course I cannot repeat the language used by this irate person but let's just sum it up by saying she was his WIFE! Why was I surprised? So, then the cell phone only number thing came back to me in self-admonishing clarity and I apologized and hung up. Needless to say that was the end of that!!

On the flip side of the coin, there are genuine honest single men out there in SOMEWHERE land, and eventually I did meet one, and I will save that story for later! The competition is fierce ladies, even at our ages because of two main reasons which are ** Mature bachelors are fitter, financially independent, better educated than they used to be hence they can enjoy a mutual attraction from much younger women these days ** Thirty and forty-something women look for these traits in a man and don't mind declaring eligibility in the Big Prize Sweepstakes by dating older men and falling in love and ultimately taking that walk down the aisle or becoming a couple with benefits. Didn't I warn you about peer pressure? It just ain't for the young any more!

Don't get me wrong ladies, I'm sure that there have been successful matches made like they advertise on television, and not all men out there are SOS (Stuck on Stupid) and I am not putting them down. I think the male breed is wonderful, and I admire and respect an honest, intelligent, self confident man and kudos to the women who have made love matches in dating land. I just want you to hear about the ones that don't.

Coming up...more dramedy next week. Enjoy this beautiful autumn weather tailgating at football games this weekend and be safe and worship at church this Sunday. Love and laughs from The Real Grandmothers!!

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